The ZARCO Exchange Company is a respected financial institution that provides dependable Exchange and Transfer services to satisfied customers throughout Pakistan. Our company has the country’s largest network of Online Branches, Franchises and Payout locations and is reputed for its ability to provide unparallel financial services including:

  • Money Transfers
  • Currency Exchange
  • Bank Drafts
  • Traveler Cheques
  • Cash Passport Cash Cards
  • Postal Notes and Coins
The ZARCO Exchange Company (Pvt) Ltd. has its corporate head office at 32-A Lawrence road, Lahore Pakistan.

All transactions and payments processed by ZARCO comply with the applicable regulations, in accordance with the international rules and codes of the applicable legal bodies. The Exchange is regulated under the Legal framework set out by the Central Bank of Pakistan and has been designated by SBP as the country’s premier “Role Model Company.” We are the first company to have a live OFAC Scanning mechanism.

Our main objective is to provide customers with seamless, cost-effective service and the best financial services in Pakistan and beyond. Our efforts are strongly supported by the Government of Pakistan.


ZARCO is authorized by the Central Bank of Pakistan wiz: State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi to issue Encashment Certificates as under:

"Certificate of Encashment of Foreign Currency” is issued to the beneficiaries for the Remittances received from abroad and to be paid in Pak Rupees. Moreover, it is advised that there is no restriction from State Bank for issuance of “Certificate of Encashment of Foreign Currency” against these remittances.

ZARCO Exchange is Licensed and Regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan under Exchange companies ordinance 2002. ZARCO Exchange is one of the leading company providing services worldwide in collaboration with renowned and trustful Money transfer companies.