Accepted Worldwide

ZARCO VISA travellers cheques are accepted at more than 400,000 locations worldwide. Use our checks to make purchases or exchange them for cash at any bank or bureau de change.

The Safest Currency Around

Traveler’s checks are the safest and most convenient way to carry money while traveling abroad. With ZARCO, you can rest assured that your checks will be replaced quickly and easily if they are ever lost or stolen.

Easy to Buy

Purchase our traveler’s checks in US currency from any ZARCO branch in Pakistan. Save any unused checks for your next trip. They never expire!

Hints and Tips

  • Bring a small amount of foreign currency with you. You will find it useful when making small purchases.

  • Sign each traveler’s check at home before you travel. Use indelible ink and sign in the space marked Purchaser's Signature, using your usual signature. When cashing a check, sign only in the presence of an accepting agent.

  • Have your passport or equivalent identification ready when cashing a check. Be prepared to show the Purchase Agreement Form as proof of purchase.

  • Write the serial number of each check on a piece of paper and store it separately from your checks. Keep track of the serial number of each check you cash.

  • Protect your traveler’s checks the same way you would protect cash. Carry checks with you and do not pack them in luggage. Use a safety deposit box to store checks if one is available.

  • Read and comply with the Purchase and Refund Conditions found on the Purchase Agreement or on the inside cover of the wallet provided with your traveler’s checks.